Mission Statement

When a passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals who have an uncompromising drive to succeed, amazing things will happen. At Properties by Singer, it's our goal to not only have a positive effect on ourselves and our families - but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in everyone we encounter. We will treat our clients and team members with respect at all times. Our motto is and will always be, "Where there's a will, there's a way - and failure is merely lack of effort." Our company will dedicate itself to everlasting education and professional growth that will make the leaders of tomorrow.


Who Am I?

Mark Luchsinger was reared in West Texas by two distinguished Texas Tech professors. His mother led university Marketing courses and his father was a professor of Business Management, as well as a two-star general in the US Air Force.

It would have been natural for Mark to follow in his parents footsteps as a college professor. Instead Mark has poured the same dedication to communication. Mark thrives to make his language understood more commonly, whether his audience is familiar with the university setting or not. His goal isn't to be smarter than you. His goal is make sure everyone is on the same page. As you can see, this skill is highly applicable to real estate.

By working in Real Estate, Mark is able to relate to everyone equally. Everyone that lives under a roof, or wants to live under a roof, can receive a service from Mark Luchsinger. Mark has a heart centered mission to provide value for his real estate clients. These include buyers, sellers, renters, and travelers. Mark will provide housing for people traveling between communities or between seasons of life. Everyone is on the same page with Mark Luchsinger.

Mark has a broad portfolio of properties. There is no real estate he is unfamiliar with. He has worked with commercial and farm land to single family houses & multi-family townhomes, Mark can relate to where a person is coming from, and provide what they are looking for. Options range from urban to rural, and Mark is there getting his hands dirty in the process of keeping all of his clients in the most comfortable position of ownership or rental.

Beyond real estate, Mark has work in equine-assisted therapy where he intends to get licensed in the future. He also has a storied life of exploration having traveled to all parts of the world. He has been to places like Brazil, Croatia, Switzerland, and England.